My Shows are tailored to suit your audience but as a general rule they tend to fall into one of these categories:

Street Shows
Family Shows

Scroll down for an overview of each type but remember that these are only outlines I can mix and match to suit your specific requirements

Street Shows:

The Ideal choice if you want pop up entertainment at your event, these shows have been tried and tested out on  the streets, developed to stop and hold a crowd they need no specific stage space. Just point me in the direction of my pitch and you can leave me to it. 

Shows last around 10 to 15 minutes and can be adapted to suit the space available.

 If your event is outdoor over a large site then this type of show can easily move around ensuring that as many of your guests as possible get a chance to be part of the magic.


Cabaret Shows:

 Whether I'm demonstrating the technical wizardry of the teleportation device,  reading minds and keeping a steady hand in a game of staple gun roulette or risking hospitalisation as I perform the East Indian needle swallowing mystery, I have something suitable for your cabaret evening.

 Audience participation plays a strong role and the effects once seen are never to be forgoton. With a host of other material to weave around the core of my show I can tailor it to time slots from 10 to 40 minutes and set the content at suitable level for your audience.

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Family Shows:

Ideal for fairs festivals and other large events my 30 minute family show contains magic that entertains all ages. Simple enough for the children to follow but still a mystery to the adults in the audience. 

Tricks with cards, handkerchiefs, eggs, unusual wooden boxes, mystic tibetan singing bowls and even a teleportation device are combined to give half an hour of audience participation, laughs and mystery.